Night district by one side, friendly residential on the other side, stop for one meal, stay for some drinks, ending up dancing until the next day.




Location : 9ème arrondissement

Subway : Pigalle (line 2), St Georges (line 12)

Time to stay : some hours

When you talk about Pigalle, you first think about its nightlife, sex shops, seedy bars, various nightclubs … and the Moulin Rouge, located along Boulevard de Clichy. This is the historic and central part of the district, going down and out the relative calm of Montmartre. 

But getting away from the vice and the crowd, there is also a local residential district more and more lively. Let’s say trendy somehow, because of the numerous cocktails, wine bars, semi-gastro restaurants or organic stores spreading all around. You can just pass by during the day, but stay the night. 

• Have some drinks in one or two of the numerous bars of the districts. You can find « everything » : seedy ones, but also cocktail bars, wine bars, little bars, cafés with terrace… as fancy as local

• End your night in one of the nightclubs and concert venue places : Machine du Moulin Rouge (next to the eponym cabaret, with a garden on the roof during the sunny days), Bus Palladium (karaoke the first Saturdays of the month), Divan du Monde (former theater). They are all nice, with an eclectic line up, so it depends of what you like, check the agenda.

• Venture into one of the sex shops -?!- (it's local)

• Quite hidden in a residential street, between two buildings, the Playground Dupperré has become the most famous basketball court of Paris because of its new colorful art design

• Try to pass the gate to enter to Avenue Crochet : residential bucolic private street, protected by a gate, where some famous and wealthy artists and Parisians had/have their house, behind other gates inside. Its was the residence of Jean Renoir, Django Reinhardt, Toulouse-Lautrec. 

• Pass by Place St Georges and Place Lino Ventura, just because its charming

• Eat in one of the numerous nice restaurants, fancy, semi-gastro, healthy, or coffee shops. Or stop by a café located in one of the quiet little squares of the district as Gustave Toulouse or Lino Ventura

• Walk around Rue des Martyrs to buy some food in the various groceries. You almost can find every type of products in specialized shops : cheese, tea, jam, oil, all kind of pastries… and also a lot of organic food. On Fridays, from 3 to 7pm, buy some fresh products at the outside market Place d’Anvers. 

• Buy a guitar in the specialized and concentrated music shops around Rue Victor Massé

• Visit the Musée de la vie romantique, the former residence of the painter Ary Scheffer, nowadays turning into a museum that exhibit some of its works. Visit its workshops, pass by the garden, and end by having a drink in the tea room hidden  in the outside court (2,2€ the coffee). UNDER CONSTRUCTION. BACK IN SPRINK 2018.

• Pass by le Moulin Rouge, the most famous cabaret created in 1889, emblematic of la Belle Epoque. Of course you can see the show while having diner also, but the prices start from 87€… Otherwise people like to take a picture in front of it, from the beautiful busy big street…





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