Along Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, local primeurs stand alongside bazars, multicultural groceries and restaurants, cheap bars, street food.   


Location : 10ème arrondissement

Subway : Strasbourg St Denis (line 8,9)

Time to stay : some hours

Some Parisians would say it is not a district, it is just a street. More or less, but it depends on what you consider as a district… What is true is that you don’t really visit SSD. The life there is mostly local, and dual : during the day, you will probably meet some primeurs or workers, but at the end of the day, around 6, the street is changing, work is done, happy hour is starting, the bars get filled, street food is cooking and everybody can finally meet in that messy and multicultural atmosphere. 

• Have some drinks in one of the numerous bars of the street (often busy but relatively cheap), as Jeanette, Mauri7 or Chateau d'eau (the most famous).

• Or go Cour des Petites Écuries, mostly pedestrian street with some bars and restaurants

• Finish your night in one of the nightclubs of the district StarnightNew morning (jazzy), ...

• See a movie in the (little local) cinemas l'Archipel, le Brady

• Pass by Passage Brady, covered passage that is the center of the "Little India" with Indian restaurants, groceries, bazars...

• Stop in one of the many restaurants of the districts (all kind of food and atmosphere : French, Chinese, African, Japanese, Kurdistan, Indian, Italian, tapas, burgers, fancy, cosy, trendy, street food...





Find all the locations above and more local ones (restaurants, bar, shops...) on the map. 


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