• Visit the Louvre Museum (a former royal residence) to see one of the most famous artworks of the world : la Joconde (L. Vinci), le radeau de la méduse (T. Géricault), Vénus de Milo (A. d’Antioche).  


• Walk around the Tuileries, the biggest traditional French garden in Paris with aligned trees, perfect lawns and fountains.


• Go shopping in the luxury boutiques rue Sainte Honoré towards the place Vendôme


• Pass by the emblematic Parisian covered passages : Passage Colbert, Galerie Vivienne, Passage des Panoramas, Galerie Véro-Dodat


• Enter the court of Palais Royal to admire the colonnes of Buren and rest in the park nearby. Book a ticket to attend a drama at Comédie Française, the cultural institution (the only one with a permanent troupe of actors)

• Stop by rue Sainte Anne to find a concentration of Chinese and Japanese restaurants and to eat a famous ramen

Central and emblematic, this district might be one of the most visited of Paris. This is the place of culture, with le Louvre, scattered with historical monuments, famous artworks and big fancy gardens.

Although it might be considered as touristic, most of the places remain authentic with a concentration of cafés, restaurants and Parisian covered passages.

The area may be quite expensive in some places, mostly towards the luxury shops, Haussmannian buildings and gastronomic restaurants.


Location : 1st arrondissement

Subway : Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre

(line 1, 7)

Time to stay : one day